6 Effective Ways to Choose the Ultimate Elocution Coach

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6 Effective Ways to Choose the Ultimate Elocution Coach

Like many areas, there are now many coaches to choose from when it comes to elocution (and acting). But how do you go about picking an elocution coach that is right for you? As one of the UK’s leading elocution coaching companies, we’ll give you an insight into what things you should look out for when searching for your new elocution coach.

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1. Experience & Qualifications

Anybody can become an elocution coach, and although this allows lots of individuals to change people’s lives, it also means that there are a few coaches out there that are not experienced or qualified in the field that they teach. Always check (via their website, email, directory) what experience and qualifications your prospective elocution coach has. For example, all our elocution coaches have degrees in a related field and a diploma in Speech & Language Therapy. The company and our programmes are led by more than six years of experience in coaching clients in elocution and acting.

2. Reviews

Obviously, reviews are not the be-all or end-all for elocution coaches; however, it’s a good starting point at deciding whether an elocution coach is for you or not. For example, look out for reviews from people with similar aims and goals as yourself. Not sure where to find them? Check out Google first, followed by their website and any directories they are on. For example, you can see ours here.

3. Programmes

Particularly in the world of elocution, but also in acting, coaching is not just about holding your hand each week. It’s about development and making big changes in your life. For example, do you want to soften your accent? If the answer is yes, then you want to be on a programme that will help you soften your accent. Do you want to break your fear of speaking in front of groups of colleagues? If the answer is yes, then you want to be on a programme that will help you become more confident when speaking in front of others. At The Elocution Coach, we work on the 12-week principle with our elocution lessons for adults. All our programmes are 12-weeks long, and you can choose to have a relaxed, regular or intensive course depending on how you learn best.

4. Communication

Although 1:1 coaching time is important, it’s also invaluable to ensure that your coach is accessible outside of the sessions and any online learning that you may be doing. For example, you may be completing one of your exercises and are struggling to work out whether you’re doing it right. If so, how can you contact your coach? Is it by email, or is it by WhatsApp? How quick will they respond? At The Elocution Coach, we work on 24-48 hours principle. We provide clients with easy ways to make contact via email, WhatsApp or via the Thinkific platform and a member of the team will always be in touch within 24-48 hours. Stuck on an exercise? We’ll send you a voice or video file to help you!

5. Cost

Using the above considerations, you should always feel that you are getting plenty of value for your money. For example, if your prospective coach has plenty of 5-star reviews, years of experience and solid programmes to offer you, then you should be expecting to pay more than for a new coach or a coach with low reviews and unclear offerings. At The Elocution Coach, we believe in a couple of different principles. Firstly, you should never have to pay for a consultation. Secondly, an assessment is always necessary – no coach can offer you a customised course without it. Thirdly, there should always be something for everyone. That’s why our programmes start at £299 but can cost up to £1299 depending on your aims and goals.

6. Connection

Like anything, you should always get on with the people who work with. We would always advise speaking to a coach on the phone or via ZOOM prior to engaging in their lessons so that you can get a feel for what they’re like. Remember, that you may be working with them for a while and if so, you will want to be working with someone who is honest and transparent (and likeable).

Are there any elocution lessons near me?

Whichever elocution coach you choose to go with, never be afraid to ask loads of questions; after all, you’re investing in a big change and therefore, you’ll want to make sure you’ve made the right decision. If you’re looking for an elocution coach to help you reach your aims and goals, why not apply for a FREE Discovery Call to find out more.

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