How Corinne Became A Confident And Engaging Speaker In The Finance Industry

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How Corinne Became A Confident And Engaging Speaker In The Finance Industry


Corinne works in the finance industry and quickly realised the need to improve her communication skills through elocution training at The Elocution Coach. In just a short space of time, Corinne was able to build on her clarity, confidence and conviction of speech with a focus on her presentation skills. 


The Story of Corinne

Corinne was working for one of the world’s top investment banks when she was promoted to Vice President and had been offered the opportunity by the organisation to work with us on her communication skills. Following her promotion, her day-to-day responsibilities became far more client-facing which resulted in her desiring further speech and elocution training to support her career development.


The Challenge Corinne Faced Before Her Elocution Programme

Before working with us, Corinne felt that she needed more confidence in her ability to present to clients whilst also being able to communicate more effectively on calls and generally improve her public speaking skills. At the time, she felt that she was a fast talker and therefore, would speed through details in meetings, in a male dominated environment. 

“I had asked my company for some training to help develop my confidence during presentations and phone calls, whilst also finding some tricks to improve. The company thought it would be a good idea too”.

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Why Corinne Chose Us For Elocution Training

Although there were lots of options to choose from with the global investment bank being based in the USA, Corinne was hugely impressed by the unlimited feedback from The Elocution Coach’s coaching team, who listened or watched each submission and provided detailed personal advice.

“The individuals involved were a big plus. The team were super easy to reach out to, quick to respond. I felt it was a tailored and well structured programme”

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Corinne also liked the idea of each 1:1 elocution coaching lesson being focused on a specific topic and felt that they were tailored to her individual needs.


How We Helped During Her Elocution Course

After completing the Voice Assessment to analyse which areas needed the most focus, Corinne enrolled on The Breakthrough Programme for three months, working with all of our elocution coaches. Initially, Corinne worked hard to strengthen her articulation, followed by developing her breath support and vocal skills. 

“We then focused on me being less stressed whilst presenting and also looked at body language as well as my presentation skills. This involved the whole body as well as my voice, tonality, expression and my use of vocabulary.” 

Although there were lots of areas covered during Corinne’s elocution programme, the team worked with Corinne on how to bring up topics during meetings, structure her speeches and presentations as well as the type of questions to ask or how to get the other party to become more responsive. 

“After my articulation work, we looked at my breathing. I would regularly get out of breath due to not breathing correctly and my speech was too quick so people struggled to understand me”. 

The Results From Her Elocution Lessons

Corinne quickly improved in her overall presentation skills, taking her time to deliver messages in a way that was easier for her audience to understand. She also felt there was improvement in her breathing control, speech structure and pace as well as a reduction in her stress. 

“The training helped me to feel less nervous whilst speaking to important and highly experienced individuals as well as how to deal with those that can be quite aggressive in nature”. 

From just 12 weeks of elocution training, Corinne found a boost in her confidence and discovered a plethora of techniques to convince and engage others. 


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How You Can Improve Your Speaking Skills

Corinne is one of many clients that we have helped to improve their public speaking and communication skills. She has worked hard to improve her skills using our expert-led elocution training, and it has paid off. She is now a confident speaker, and her communication skills have improved significantly.


If you are thinking of taking up elocution training or wondering if there are “elocution lessons near me”, check out our recent article on how to choose the right elocution coach for your needs or to apply for our 1:1 programmes, please click here. Plus, we are just weeks away from releasing our brand new free elocution lessons app on iOS and Android! 


What About Free Online Elocution Lessons? 

Although we don’t currently provide free online elocution lessons or free elocution training in general, you may also want to take a look at our most affordable elocution training option, The Elocution Club which includes simple, weekly elocution lessons for beginners for just £10 per month. 




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