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Who is The Elocution Coach?

The Elocution Coach has fast become one of the UK’s leading elocution focused companies, since being established and led by international elocution coach, James Percy-Smith. We pride ourselves on providing high-quality and client-focused training, through our 1:1 coaching programmes and online courses. Based on a decade of experience and founded on a multitude of backgrounds, we follow the Percy-Smith Method™ which is a unique framework with a particular focus on speech development, public speaking improvement and accent softening. Our methodology is based on a variety of techniques, underpinned by phonology, psychology and coaching.

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How Does James & His Team Work?

Experience & Approach

James originally trained as a professional actor, studying at two of London’s top drama schools - Drama Centre London and Italia Conti Academy. With over twelve years of experience, James began coaching elocution following his degree and quickly built a roster of clients dotted around the world. Using his experience as an actor and an award winning entrepreneur as well as his education in Speech & Language Therapy and psychology, James established the Percy-Smith Method™ through his work with numerous clients. 


Our approach to working with clients is fine-tuned and based on a set of principles that our team constantly reviews to ensure that we are delivering the highest quality training possible. We believe that in order for clients to see the best results, they should experience a blend of coaching, practice and resources on a daily basis, not just once per week and this is why none of our programmes contain just coaching sessions.

How do we operate?

What Makes Us Unique

When it comes to speech development, there are a multitude of options available both online and offline. But what makes The Elocution Coach completely unique in it's approach?

Our Company

As a UK based Limited Company, The Elocution Coach is able to deliver a high-quality and safe service to our clients globally. This allows us to provide an unrivalled experience for clients, which is fully insured, secured and managed by a team of professionals, rather than just one individual. 

Our Team

Unlike many other companies and sole traders, all our team members are employed by the company, rather than outsourced to sub-contractors and/or self-employed individuals. This ensures that all our staff are trained to the highest standard possible and are directly managed by the company. Plus, all our employees undergo a strict recruitment process, including DBS checks to ensure the safety of our clients. As we work with a number of high profile individuals, all our team members sign an NDA to keep our clients data extra-safe.

Our Experience

Elocution is a highly specialised subject, and as such, our team are highly experienced and highly trained to deliver exceptional experiences for our clients. At a minimum, all our Associate Coaches have degrees in related fields, as well as Diplomas in Speech & Language Therapy.

Our Methodology

We believe that the old days of drilling sounds from a black board are over. As such, our approach to working with clients contains a mix of phonology, psychology and coaching. Plus, we use a variety of systems to deliver our content including ZOOM, The Elocution Coach Academy and Intercom.

Our Reputation

We have quickly built a global reputation in the work that we do with clients, which is visible through our online presence as well as the many ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ reviews from our clients, both past and present. 

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