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Join the UK's leading elocution company, led by international specialist James Percy-Smith and his team! Find out why hundreds of clients across the globe choose us to help them find clarity, confidence and conviction in their speech, using our unique and effective framework, the Percy-Smith Method™. From ACCENT SOFTENING to PUBLIC SPEAKING, apply today and book your free consultation!

★★★★★ “The difference between week 1 & the final week was literally night & day!”
★★★★★ “I was thrilled to have a tool box of techniques which I could use”
★★★★★ “He’s an accent expert…”


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What are elocution lessons and how is elocution taught?

"We help people achieve their goals in speech. Elocution lessons can often be seen as outdated, but it's incredibly important for both work and personal life"


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Book: The Definitive Guide to Elocution

“If you think you’re speaking too fast, you’re Usain Bolt. If you think you’re just right, you’re speaking too fast. But if you think you’re too slow, you’ll be just right.” – James Percy-Smith.  In James’ debut book, The Definitive Guide to Elocution, you’ll discover the wonderful world of elocution and how it can help you improve your speech in just a matter of weeks. Whether you’re looking to strengthen your articulation or develop your communication skills, this book will be your go to guide for all things speech.

Podcast: The Elocution Show

From top tips to guest speakers, The Elocution Show is a brand new podcast available on Spotify and Apple about all things speech. If you’re looking for an easy way to improve your speech and communication skills for free, rather than having elocution lessons, then click the “Listen” button below and follow to stay up to date with new episodes. 

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