Tom’s Journey to Workplace Excellence: Mastering Communication and Presentation Skills for Success

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Tom’s Journey to Workplace Excellence: Mastering Communication and Presentation Skills for Success


Tom works in the construction industry and he felt he needed to improve his communication and presentation skills when interacting with colleagues at work.  


The Story of Tom

Tom found that it made a difference being able to meet James in person for his initial assessment as he felt able to discuss what he needed to do in more detail leading to clear goals within the programme.  He felt he would be able to work best at his own pace and the 1:1 monthly coaching, together with reviews and feedback,  suited his objectives.  


The Challenge Tom Faced Before His Elocution Programme

Tom decided that he needed to develop more confidence and greater clarity in his speaking role within the company. 



Why Tom Chose Us For Elocution Training

“I chose the Elocution Coach because they were local, professional in appearance, and they responded quickly to my enquiry.”

The Kickstarter programme was ideal for Tom as it combined a comprehensive online course, together with feedback following his video submissions or queries and could provide a 1:1 coaching session each month to keep up motivation and resolve any issues he may have been experiencing.  His progress was also regularly reviewed monthly to make sure all parts of the programme were working for him.



How We Helped During His Elocution Course

Tom worked on developing physical elements of his speech.  This involved practising vocal drills to build the strength of his articulation and found he could develop his approach to communication by implementing ‘Point-Evidence-Explain’ to better engage the audience. He particularly enjoyed and took on board the “flavouring” video which cleverly illustrated the techniques presented to him.

“The one-to-one online sessions were brilliant”

The Results From His Elocution Lessons

“The outcome was improved confidence in my communication skills, and success in work meetings that were clearly linked to what I learned on the course. It’s unique and effective – you will see the results very quickly if you put in the practice.”

public speaking workshop practice focusing on presentation skills


How You Can Improve Your Speaking Skills

Tom is one of many clients that we have helped to reach their speech goals, particularly around public speaking and communication skills. He worked really hard to practice, implement and build on his skills throughout the programme.

If you are thinking of taking up elocution training or wondering if there are “elocution lessons near me”, check out our recent article on how to choose the right elocution coach for your needs or to apply for our 1:1 programmes, please click here. Plus, we are just weeks away from releasing our brand new free elocution lessons app on iOS and Android! 


What About Free Online Elocution Lessons? 

Although we don’t currently provide free online elocution lessons or free elocution training in general, you may also want to take a look at our most affordable elocution training option, The Elocution Club which includes simple, weekly elocution lessons for beginners for just £10 per month. 


Why are presentation skills important?

Presentations have become a staple part of day-to-day work both in the corporate and non-corporate world. With this in mind, it’s never been more important to keep your presentation skills up-to-date. It’s not just about how you deliver your presentation, it’s about keeping your audience engaged and making sure that your presentation skills are highlighted the key areas that you want your audience to remember going forwards.

There are many simple methods to improving your presentation skills, such as practicing in the mirror, joining a local practice group and investing in online coaching. Like many of our clients, you could also ask your employer whether they are willing to invest in your presentation skills development, which many companies keep a budget for.





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