How to Stop Mumbling: 7 Powerful Techniques for Clear, Confident Speech

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How to Stop Mumbling: 7 Powerful Techniques for Clear, Confident Speech

Mumbling is far more common than you think, and is a speech issue that affects lots of individuals of all ages and backgrounds. If you’re someone who struggles with mumbling and you’re searching for solutions on how to stop mumbling, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will run through seven powerful techniques to help you stop mumbling, giving you the ability to communicate more effectively and confidently. 

But before we go any further, what is the official definition of mumbling? Well, for reference, it’s:




speaking or spoken in a quiet and indistinct way.


Mumbling Tip #1: Be Mindful of Your Speech

To stop mumbling, you have to first of all become more aware of your current speech patterns. It’s important to pay attention to how you speak, especially when you’re nervous or in an unfamiliar environment. One of the best ways to become aware of your own speech is by recording yourself using a camera or phone.


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Mumbling Tip #2: Practise Proper Enunciation

Using incorrect enunciation is one of the biggest causes of mumbling. You can overcome this by focusing on pronouncing each and every syllable and consonant in a word clearly. One quick way to work on this is by taking a book, article or magazine and reading out-loud, focusing on hitting every sound in each word.


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Mumbling Tip #3: Slow Down Your Speech

One of the other main causes of mumbling is speaking too quickly. This is because it doesn’t give your articulators a chance to catch up with the speed of your thoughts! To help combat this, practice speaking at a slower, more deliberate pace. Think about your intention when speaking and be sure to pause between your thoughts. This will give you time to articulate each word properly and make your overall speech clearer to your listeners.


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Mumbling Tip #4: Strengthen Your Vocal Muscles

In order for your speech to be clear, you have to have strong vocal muscles. Try to incorporate some vocal exercises each day such as humming or singing. This will help build up your vocal strength. You can also practise tongue twisters to increase your dexterity and improve your enunciation.


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Mumbling Tip #5: Focus On Your Breath

We talked about speed of speech earlier and proper breathing is crucial for clear speech. Be sure to take deep breaths from your diaphragm and use the air to power your voice. This will help to improve your projection and provide you with better articulation.


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Mumbling Tip #6: Stand Up Straight & Focus On Your Posture

You would never think it but your poster plays a part in the clarity of your speech! Standing up straight with your shoulders back allows your lungs to expand, providing them with more air to help support your voice. Good posture also helps project your voice better and helps reduce the likelihood of mumbling.


posture affects elocution


Get Professional Help

If your mumbling persists despite your best efforts and becomes a real problem for you, consider finding a professional to help you, such as The Elocution Coach. As the experts, we can help assess your current speech, identify which areas need the most support and create a tailored solution to help you stop mumbling!


Overcoming mumbling requires dedication and practice regularly, but the rewards are worth it. By following the above seven powerful techniques, you’ll be on your way to clearer and more confident speech. So, start your speech journey today and watch your communication skills improve.


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