If you have successfully applied for a free Discovery Call, please ensure that you have read the following FAQs in full prior to your call with James:

What makes The Elocution Coach unique?

Led by international elocution coach James Percy-Smith, we are more than just a coaching company. Built on years of experience, we have developed a range of programmes using a unique methodology, linking both technique and psychology together to help clients achieve their speech goals. Taught by professionals, our team are always dedicated in supporting clients both in and out of their sessions.

Over the years, we have built a reputation for providing high-quality programmes to clients across the globe. Based on experience, we have pumped copius amounts of time and energy into our research, development and innovation into the way we work with clients. From our online platform to regular feedback and support services, we know that every client, no matter what their aims and goals are, has a different set of needs and requirements.

Do you offer free trials?

We do not currently offer free trials for any of our programmes or share any of our online material. 

Do I have to complete a Voice Assessment?

Yes. All prospective clients for our 1:1 coaching programmes must complete a Voice Assessment first, as this allows us to assess where the work is needed the most and which type of programme would be best suited to you. It also provides you with a comprehensive understanding of what you can do yourself to develop and improve. 

Why do I have to pay separately for a Voice Assessment?

Although our assessments are in-depth and hosted by one of our coaches, there is never an obligation to take up a programme afterwards. Therefore, we are unable to include these as part of our programmes. The cost to complete a Voice Assessment is £49.

How much do your programmes cost?

We have a number of programmes, both including 1:1 coaching as well as those that are self-led. Please see our ‘Prices and Packages’ page for more details.

Do you offer refunds?

We are able to offer refunds for any unused programmes, up to 14 days after the initial payment date. 

Do I have to book the same time slot each week for coaching sessions?

Although we do offer recurring booking slots, this is not a must. Slots are available at all times of the day and you are welcome to book whichever slot is most suited to you each week.

Can I book and/or pay per hour?

All of our sessions are 30 minutes in total and must be completed as part of a programme. We do not currently offer adhoc sessions.

What hours is your team available?

Sessions are available from 6.30am up until 9.00pm Monday – Saturday (UK Time).

Do you offer sessions on Bank Holidays (UK)?

Like many businesses in the UK, we do not operate on bank holidays. Should you have a session booked for a date that falls on a bank holiday, please do not panic this will be rescheduled to another date suitable for you.

Do you offer face-to-face sessions?

Yes, we do! For clients based in or those that wish to travel to our office in Milton Keynes, we offer face-to-face sessions. However, due to space constraints, there may sometimes be restricted slots for this option. 

Why do you only accept Discovery Calls via an application process?

Due to the number of enquiries we receive on a daily basis, we are only able to work with an approximately 30% of those that apply. By using an application process, we are quickly able to inform you whether our programmes are suitable for your requirements and needs.

Can I work with James only?

Yes, this is an option – but only for clients on our Ultimate Programme. 

What qualifications and experience do your coaches hold?

All of our coaches are degree holders, with a diploma in Speech & Language Therapy. They are also DBS checked and have strong experience in teaching, acting, and public speaking roles. You can find out more about our team on the ‘About Us’ page.

Will I receive a certificate or accreditation?

Please be aware these programmes are for personal development only, and although we can provide a certificate of completion, this is not a qualification or accreditation to teach others. 

Do you work with children, or just adults?

Yes! We have programmes specifically tailored to children. As with our adult programmes, a Discovery Call (with the parent or guardian) is required first.

Are the programs customised to me?

Yes, our 1:1 coaching programmes are tailored to the client, and coaching session content will be altered to suit your needs; however, there are fundamental areas that all clients will cover and will be the same for everyone e.g. online content.

How long do I have to complete the program?

Each of our 1:1 coaching programmes are taught on a rolling membership basis; however, we can advise on the minimum length required to see an improvement.  

What do I need?

As a large part of our programmes are completed online and we encourage ZOOM sessions, it is necessary for you to have good internet connection and an up to date laptop or desktop PC.

Do you teach English or EFL?

No. We highly recommend seeking English lessons (if necessary) prior to applying for any of our accent softening programmes, as a good understanding of English is necessary first.